Graphic designer drawing sketch design creative Ideas draft Logo product trademark label brand artwork. Graphic designer studio Concept.

Logos & Brand Assets

Moderize your logo, submarks and design elements to ensure your brand is cohesive , consistent and immediately recognizable.

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Key Messaging

Clearly identify the reasons why customers should do business with you through clear and impactful messaging that grabs their attention.

Abstract colorful oil painting on canvas. Oil paint texture with brush and palette knife strokes. Multi colored wallpaper. Macro close up acrylic background. Modern art concept. Horizontal fragment.

Graphic Design

Increase the perceived value of your brand with polished and professional designs that aid in brand recognition and build trust.

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Brand Guidelines

Support and strengthen your brand identity with defined fonts, tones, colour, palettes, images, and stylistic guidelines that maintain a consistent brand image. 


Brand Alignment Audits

We interview your team to audit how aligned and engaged they are on your brand values and story, to identify the gaps and to ensure we are addressing all the needs.

We collect your brand assets, document your best sales practices, and create a suite of templates and tools so anyone can easily access and produce brand-aligned marketing communication materials. This includes writing guidelines, design tips, social media assets, presentation and sales materials.

Promotional Merchandise

Promotional Merchandise

We excel at creating memorable merchandise that resonates with brands, customers, and employees. From textiles, bags, and toys to bar items and more, we offer in-house silkscreening and embroidery to ensure top-notch quality. 

Great branded merchandise is more than a physical product – it’s an experience. We go beyond the product to solve what makes merchandise memorable. It could be Promotional Giveaways, Point of Sale/Purchase, Gift with Purchase, 
Custom Packaging or a Retail Product.